With her third novel, Calgary’s Theanna Bischoff delves into murder mystery. Left is built around a disappearance: 29-year-old Natasha Bell, a nurse in Calgary, goes missing while jogging one [...]

What’s Left

On the western edge of downtown Edmonton sits a small, triangular park that commands a vista over the serpentine North Saskatchewan River valley. With its sublime and panoramic views, it’s the [...]

Memoirs of a Muhindi:

Mansoor Ladha’s compelling and topical if somewhat uneven Memoirs of a Muhindi chronicles his struggles—similar to those of many itinerant people today—to find a home in unwelcoming lands. He [...]

Little Yellow House:

When Carissa Halton moved with her husband into Alberta Avenue, an older north-side Edmonton neighbourhood with a “tough reputation,” some friends speculated that the couple would relocate once [...]

Building Where We Shouldn’t

If you want to see elk or wolves in Banff or Jasper National Parks this winter, here’s a tip: look on an alluvial fan. Alluvial fans develop wherever a creek running down a steep drainage flows [...]

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