By Guillaume Nolet

Calgary’s Chinatown has been relocated twice—first in 1886, after a fire on Stephen Avenue destroyed half the neighbourhood, and again in 1910 when a CPR proposal to build a hotel in the vicinity of Chinatown forced residents to relocate.


What Makes an Excellent Childcare Centre?

An excellent childcare centre, such as this one at Mount Royal University in Calgary, provides a safe, friendly, stimulating environment for children. Probably the most important characteristic from the child’s point of view is that it’s a place where they feel happy and have many fun things to do. For ...

Evidence of Habitation

“Evidence of Habitation” explores informal housing and homelessness in Edmonton. The project reveals the signs of individuals as they seek refuge in the interstitial spaces of the city. The photos document the physical and symbolic processes of place-making in wooded areas, ravines, alleyways and under bridges across the four seasons. The images ...