Election Signs

Alberta Views wants you to vote, no matter what sign you put up.

By albertaviews

Alberta Party Sign is not included. Click here for a PDF Printable version.


How to get yours:

– If you’re already a subscriber, you’ll automatically get them! They are included in the May 2019 issue centrefold.

– Pick up signs for free between 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. (Monday to Friday) in the Alberta Views office at 208, 320 23 Ave SW, Calgary AB T2S 0J2.

– $2 to mail anywhere in Alberta. Call 403 243 5334 or email avadmin@albertaviews.ca to order signs; allow 3–4 days for mailing.



All The Rage

The tipping point came a week from the end of the campaign, and by April 16 in the Big Four Roadhouse on the Calgary Stampede grounds, United Conservative Party supporters felt scant need for civility. Not anymore. The UCP had won the 2019 Alberta election, taking 63 seats to the NDP’s ...

What They Did

On May 24, 2015, some 10,000 Albertans made their way to the legislature. The wading pool was full of kids and grown-ups splashing around, there were frozen treats and food trucks, and Edmonton folk band 100 Mile House entertained the crowd. It was a festival atmosphere, but what was happening ...

A Minority Government?

As we head toward the upcoming Alberta election, two words give hope to political underdogs and strike fear into the hearts of the overdogs: minority government. Our province has never had a minority government—one where no party holds a majority of the legislative seats—but that hasn’t stopped people talking about ...