Pieter de Vos

Evidence of Habitation

By Pieter de Vos

“Evidence of Habitation” explores informal housing and homelessness in Edmonton. The project reveals the signs of individuals as they seek refuge in the interstitial spaces of the city. The photos document the physical and symbolic processes of place-making in wooded areas, ravines, alleyways and under bridges across the four seasons.

The images challenge the “otherness” that often accompanies the discourse on homelessness, while also raising questions such as: What is a home? Who is a neighbour? Who has the rightful access to the resources and bounty of the city? What responsibilities do we have to our fellow citizens?


Pieter de Vos is an Edmonton-based documentary photographer.


Suddenly There’s Room at the Inn

On a recent Thursday outside the Coliseum Inn, a woman in wrinkled clothes balances a large blue sleeping bag atop her shoulder. In the parking lot a man pushes a shopping cart overflowing with clothing. Outside the lobby doors, a man asks, “Hey, got a dollar?” The scene is at odds with ...

Beyond Books

Each morning, David McMain tries to get to work an hour before he officially starts. But he doesn’t head straight to his office at Edmonton’s Stanley Milner library, where he is an outreach worker. Instead, he checks who’s hanging out in the mall. “The shelters kick everyone out between 6 ...

Big Muddy

I found him asleep at Wendy’s on a scuzzy patch of 17th Avenue, his forehead resting on the makeshift pillow he’d created from one arm. I couldn’t see his face, but I knew it was my brother: the black dreads, the lean build, the spatulate brown fingers, once slender, now ...