By Jeff Day

“I ran through Edmonton between March 19 and May 6 taking photos. I call my photography ‘runtography,’ as I shoot while I’m running with a DSLR I carry in a backpack. Besides the pandemic, the weather was also abnormal. It was quite cold for spring. Even for here.” —Jeff Day


Humans of Edmonton

Cordeiro wanders Edmonton’s roads, alleys and river valley, documenting stories of the less fortunate and showcasing a range of colour, race, gender, disability, sexual orientation, creed and migration status. He only photographs people whose trust he earns. See more of his work on Humans of Edmonton Experience’s Facebook page.

Year of Unrest

The pandemic wasn’t all we had to cope with in 2020. There was turmoil across Alberta. Protesters blockaded CN Rail’s line west of Edmonton to oppose a gas pipeline in BC. Moms Stop The Harm held a “die-in” at the legislature in response to the threatened closure of supervised consumption ...