Alex Himelfarb


About a year ago, my son Jordan, some friends and colleagues and I put together a book on taxes in Canada, Tax Is Not a Four-Letter Word. We had quite different views about how high taxes should [...]


Safeguarding the Source

Evening beside the Bow River at Calgary’s Pearce Estate Park.Gulls are returning to roost on mid-river islands. Kayakers play in man-made rapids beside a diversion weir that tilts river water out to wet the farm fields of Alberta’s Western Irrigation District. Joggers and strollers explore trails through the cottonwood forest ...

Should Government Go into Debt?

  Trevor Tombe says debt can be useful Thomas Jefferson wrote over 200 years ago that “the principle of spending money to be paid by posterity is but swindling futurity on a large scale.” To Jefferson, accumulating public debt was a great danger; a choice, as he put it, between “profusion and ...

Break the Bank

Many Albertans are aware that our government is incurring budget deficits and that our Treasury has accumulated a substantial debt, approaching $45-billion. Fewer realize that our province is also extensively engaged in investing and lending. The government-owned Alberta Investment Management Corporation buys market securities. The Agriculture Financial Services Corporation lends ...