Ben Gelinas

Opera Divided

Opera singers often refer to their voices as “instruments,” as though the sounds that come up and out of them are produced by an inanimate object. And it’s true that in the grand opera tradition, [...]


Should We Ban Handguns?

Dr. Najma Ahmed The trauma surgeon and co-founder of Canadian Doctors for Protection from Guns says yes. It’s Friday around 11 p.m.. My pager beeps. I hurry to the trauma bay. The team is already at work. The patient is not much more than a child. The figure of a young, slender body ...

Abuse of Power

Whether you support or oppose Jason Kenney’s policy decisions, as an Albertan you should be concerned about his government’s dishonesty, secretiveness, lack of ethics, unrepresentative decisions and wastefulness. These five areas of abuse violate international democratic standards for good government. Acting unethically includes not only conflict of interest violations and ...

Should Churches be Tax Exempt?

Karen Kerr, the president of Edmonton Atheists and co-founder of Alberta Secular Conference says no. In Canada many charities and other non-profits, including churches and religious groups, are tax-exempt if they are deemed to create public benefit. The exemption is premised on the idea that they provide a public good. However ...