Chris Reading

Something Big

The satisfying whap of ball into leather glove resounds through the fieldhouse, where young pitchers use elaborate pitching techniques to deliver maximum speed and spin to softballs. Parents and [...]


Oil Sucks

I’m an addict. I use oil. We all do. That’s how we’ve wired our economy. But the fact that we’re hopelessly hooked doesn’t mean we shouldn’t confront the issue. The first step, after all, is admitting you have a problem. Addicts don’t make rational choices. They specialize in denial and ignore ...

Should Private Schools Get Public Funding?

  Joel French, the executive director at Public Interest Alberta says no. Our province has Canada's most generous subsidies for private schools. Setting aside those private schools serving children with special needs, many of which fill gaps in our public systems, the Alberta government spends $110-million per year subsidizing private schools. This ...

On Track to Graduate

If you come on this side,” says Keyshaun Mountain Horse, “one of our students drew a design to intimidate our opponents.” The profile of a skull wearing a feather headdress is drawn in black felt pen on one of the robot’s side panels. The Blackfoot word “iikakiimat” is printed underneath ...