Elaine Hayes


Nan stands at the crest of Nose Hill, looking out. Fog threatens the city, office towers cling to patches of blue. Buffalo bean and yarrow stir in the still warm wind. Nan stoops to a golden [...]


The Plans to Strip-Mine Coal in the Mountains

It looks like spectacular wild country, but some see it more as a big money sandwich. The top layer of that sandwich is comprised of alpine grasses, forget-me-nots and stonecrop, glacier lilies and ancient, brave pines whose branches have been gnarled and weathered by centuries of wind. In summer, solitaires and ...

Can Climate Change Be Reversed?

When NASA initiated the Mercury Project that would send the first American into space in 1958, one of the many questions facing scientists was what to do about the carbon dioxide emissions of their astronauts. Our bodies exude about a kilogram per day of the gas, which is lethal in ...

Der Indianer

The first thing John Blackbird learned when he was growing up on the Canadian prairies was that his people were no good. Indians were history’s losers: dethroned, displaced, rounded up and ghettoized on the reserves. Raised by a white family from the age of nine, Blackbird heard from friends and ...