Fred Stenson


Plastic was the result of humanity’s long search for a material that could be bent back and forth without breaking. It’s a long history, but things moved quickly after Hermann Staudinger fathered [...]

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Should Jury Selection Be Changed?

  Steven Penney says yes. Imagine receiving a jury summons in the mail. You dutifully report to the courthouse and wait patiently for the selection process to unfold. When your name is finally called, you stand before the judge, lawyers and defendant. One of lawyers utters “challenge,” and the judge immediately tells ...

Reducing the Harm

It's a little after 10 o’clock in the morning and Taylor feels like she’s climbing the walls. When her name is called and the door to Lethbridge’s supervised drug consumption site buzzes open, Taylor moves quickly on her crutches. She settles into a chair at the second booth from the end ...

Justice For None

Blair Jason Hinkley, accused of aggravated sexual assault, was released from an Alberta prison in 2016 because the Crown took too long to bring the case to trial. Hinkley was then arrested again, in June 2017, and charged with assaulting another woman. In April 2018 the case of alleged murderer ...