JoAnn McCaig


In this first novel by Edmonton-born poet Barbara Langhorst, Delphine and Hugo are living on their dream hobby farm in Saskatchewan, but something is missing. Delphine lusts after home [...]


Should We Ban Handguns?

Dr. Najma Ahmed The trauma surgeon and co-founder of Canadian Doctors for Protection from Guns says yes. It’s Friday around 11 p.m.. My pager beeps. I hurry to the trauma bay. The team is already at work. The patient is not much more than a child. The figure of a young, slender body ...

Alberta’s Carbon Revolution

Alex Walk was captivated. He had flown to Edmonton because he had heard that Alberta researchers might have found the Holy Grail of materials manufacturing: a cheap feedstock for carbon fibre. The stakes were high. Abundant, inexpensive carbon fibre could revolutionize the auto industry, for example, by reducing the weight ...

A Rogue Conservative

He is a one-man minefield—set to explode whenever Premier Jason Kenney makes a misstep. And there’s not much Kenney can do to defuse him. Say hello to Drew Barnes, United Conservative MLA for Cypress-Medicine Hat. Barnes is that most frightening of spectres to an Alberta Conservative premier: a maverick MLA who ...