Michael Davie

Good Man

Folks in Parched River smile when they see Floyd Gray. Even if they don’t quite feel up to smiling. He’s earned it. Floyd’s a good man. If Floyd Gray never helped you build a fence, then he [...]


Part 2: A Tribute to Charlie Russell

I knew about ranching back in the 1980s. Ranchers were the bad guys who killed off bears and whose cattle trashed their habitat. Like most environmentalists of the day, I got my insights from urban-based environmental groups. In Alberta’s ranch country the story seemed almost always to be about conflict ...

Part 1: A Tribute to Charlie Russell

Charlie Russell loved to fly, and he seldom phoned first those times when he would fly his Kolb ultralight airplane north from Hawk’s Nest ranch on the boundary of Waterton Lakes National Park, to our “ranchette” near the Crowsnest Pass. We would hear the thrum of the plane’s Rotax motor ...

AURA OF POWER: An Alberta Election Game

To download a printable version of the game rules click here. OBJECT OF THE GAME The goal is to win a majority of Alberta’s 87 seats (i.e., at least 44) and, with them, raw, unchecked power for four long years. In a minority situation, a party leader can win the election if they successfully ...